Single stacker


A single stacker is a non-Independent parking solution for two cars, one vehicle below and one vehicle above. In such parking systems the upper platform can be used only when the lower car is removed, it is termed as dependent parking.


  • Mechanically-driven car parking system
  • Simplified mechanism and hydraulic system.
  • 2,000 kg -2,600 kg platform load
  • 1 driving aisle = 2 parking levels = cost savings
  • Minimised maintenance costs
  • Maximised operational and functional system safety
  • Easy operation, convenient parking
  • Horizontal access to parking levels
  • Car height includes Roof rails, & Brackets
  • Independent Parking System
  • Safety Device - Key Lock Switch, Auto Locking Device, Manual Lowering Device
  • Electromagnetic locking mechanism to prevent unwanted lowering of upper stack.

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