Cantilever Stacker


This is a two-level platform, where one car is parked on the ground level and one on the primary level. It is a non - independent system, wherein, the car parked on the first level requires the car parked on the ground level to be moved. It has heavy duty rotating bearing system for carriage purpose. This has pillars just on one Side for the Parking System, which makes mobility on the site easier.


  • Lifting mechanism installed only on one side of the Stack.
  • Compact Power pack system with enclosed motors
  • Electromagnetic locking mechanism to prevent unwanted lowering of upper stack.
  • Remote switch box with Key-Push button for easy operation.
  • Lifting capacity upto 2500 kg
  • High-grade anti-corrosion spray paint or hot galvanized
  • Fixed anti-fall lock warning device
  • Less power consumption
  • Imported Quality hydraulic valve to operate the system

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